Global Driver App
  • Global Driver App

    Thank you for completing this short survey regarding our upcoming Global Driver App.  The feedback will help with our development to ensure we have a feature rich app for you to benefit from.

    Please bear in mind when answering this survey that companies have the same responsibilities and duties of care for privately owned vehicles being used for business (grey fleet) as they do for company owned vehicles.

    All completed surveys will be entered into a draw on the 11th October and one lucky winner will receive an Amazon Echo Dot.

    Please note, any responses after 17.00pm on Friday 11th October will still be considered within our development, however, they will not be eligible for the prize draw.

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  • *Are you currently using GPS tracking within your company?
  • *Are your drivers conducting regular vehicle checks?
  • *Are your current vehicle checks paper or electronic?
  • *Do you always know who is driving each vehicle through your GPS tracking?
  • *When one of your vehicles is involved in an accident does it take more time than you would like to get the details from your drivers?
  • *Do you currently receive accident report forms in paper format or electronically?
  • *Does your GPS tracking system feed back driver behaviour to your drivers to give them the opportunity to manage their own improvement? 
  • *Do you incentivise your drivers on improved driver performance?

That's all, folks!