Understanding GDPR
  • At the Digital Compliance Hub we are passionate about helping businesses with their data protection and privacy compliance. As we all operate increasingly in a data driven, online world, we are all increasingly governed by what the laws say about what we can do with data, be that from a data protection (GDPR) perspective, electronic and email marketing or from protecting our websites from hackers.

    We'd therefore like to understand a bit more about how you deal with data protection compliance in your business and what you see as your challenges in terms of keeping on top of that compliance. We'd therefore appreciate it if you would mind filling out this anonymous quick survey, thanks.

  • *What's the size of your business?
  • *Are you responsible for data protection within your organisation?
  • If yes to Q2 are you mandated, by the GDPR, as the Data Protection Officer?
  • *How would you best describe your role (e.g. CEO, Owner, HR, marketing, IT, etc.)?
  • *How long have you been responsible for data protection within your organisation?
  • *How has your organisation been keeping up to date on data protection compliance, particularly with the recent GDPR changes?
  • *What's your preferred source for answers when you need help with a data protection question or issue?
  • *

    What do you use to keep a record of any data protection breaches? 

  • *Which of the following does your organisation have in place?
  • *What's the single thing you wish there was more help with when it comes to data protection compliance?
  • *What would you say is your biggest data protection challenge for your organisation?
  • *How many DPIA have you carried out in the last 12 months?
  • *Do you transfer or process data outside the EU?
  • *Did you know the scheme for registering with the ICO (as a data controller) changed in May 2018?
  • If you'd like to hear from us about how the Digital Compliance Hub can help you with your compliance, please leave your email here and we'll be in touch
  • Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

That's all, folks!