Parenting Survey
  • *What is your gender ?
  • *How many children do you have?
  • *Age of your children? (select applicable categories)
  • *Your age?
  • *Highest level of education completed
  • *What is your parenting situation
  • *Select your main parenting challenges (please select all applicable)
  • *How regularly do you seek parenting advice?
  • Where do you get parenting advice from – select all sources you use regularly
  • *What is the best format for parenting advice? (select all relevant)
  • *On average how long will you spend reading a blog post, watching a video or listening to a podcast to get your answer?
  • *What counts as good parenting advice for you? Select the 3 most important aspects
  • *Do you think there is pressure on parents to feel they should just ‘know’ how to be good parents without experience, education or training?
  • *Do you think you could benefit from doing a parenting program?
  • *Would you consider doing a parenting course?
  • Would you prefer a parenting course that is:
  • *How long would you like the course to be?
  • *How much would you pay for a good quality, practical, online parenting program?
  • *What types of online media do you regular engage with? (please select all applicable)
  • *Which social media channels are you most active on? Please select your top three.
  • *How frequently do you engage with social media?
  • *Where do you most access social media from? Please select top 3 places.
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That's all, folks!