CULytics Digital Transformation Study
  • Welcome to the CULytics Digital Transformation study, focusing on financial institutions' initiatives and plans regarding digital transformation. 

    The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete, and if you enter your email address at the end, we'll send you the completed report when it's published. Please note that the report will not be made available to non-participating financial institutions.

    We greatly appreciate your participation and help with this research. Thank you.

    Naveen Jain                   

  • Which definition of the term "digital transformation" best resonates with you?

    Digital transformation is.....
  • What outcomes have your organization achieved so far from its digital transformation efforts, and what outcomes are you expecting to achieve in the next 12 to 24 months?
  • How important are the following digital transformation objectives to your organization?
  • What does your organization do to oversee or govern its digital transformation efforts? (select all that apply)
  • To what extent are the following factors barriers or impediments to digital transformation in your organization?
  • To what extent would the following help your organization accelerate its digital transformation journey?
  • How "future-ready" are the following functions in your organization? (By "future ready," we mean agile enough to deal with the technological, consumer-related and industry-related changes that are coming down the pike)
  • For each of the technologies listed, please select the statement that best describes where your organization with that technology 
  •  How important will fintech partnerships, collaborations, or investments be to your organization over the next two to three years? (Please think of "fintech" as startups in the financial space--either B2C-focused like Chime, Digit, Lending Club, etc. or B2B-focused like Abe.AI, Personetics,etc.--and NOT established vendors like FIS, Fiserv, Jack Henry, etc.)

That's all, folks!