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    We appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this survey.  

    Attracting and retaining customers is often one of the most challenging and costly activities in business. 

    Standing out in a sea of competition can be tough and requires different thinking. Our interest, understand if your business has adopted any differentiation strategies and if so, have they benefited your business?  

    Your responses remain confidential, so please help us by being brutally honest with your opinions.

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    Note: All questions require a simple 1 -10 ranking. Please allow 24 - 48 hours for your ranking to be prepared and emailed to you, as we do not use bots, but humans to compile.

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  • *Do you use any differentiation strategies in your business?
    People keep telling me it is important, never done anything about it
    We are constantly looking for ways to stand out from our competitors
  • *

    To what degree are your products and services clearly differentiated in the market/s you service?

    Your business offers the same as everyone else
    Your offerings & business model are clearly different
  • *

    How often does your organisation analyse your competition, in order to understand their competitive advantages and disadvantages?

    Weekly ritual
  • *

    Relating to your understanding of your competitors, please rate your businesses ability to compete against what they offer?

    There are too many to keep track of
    We have multiple points of difference & we are very effective at competing
  • *

    Considering ease and expense, how simple would it be for one of your customers to change to a competitor?

    Very easy
    Very difficult
  • *

    Thinking about how you charge, are your customers' price sensitive and expect some form of discount before they are prepared to commit?

    We are forced to discount regularly to close the sale
    We don't discount or compete on price
  • *Price never comes up in the conversation. We charge a fair price and people understand when they buy from us what they need to pay.
    People always ask for a discount and wont buy unless it is provided
    Price is never a barrier. Our products and services are unique
  • *

    In an elevator, would you and your staff (if applicable) be able to describe what your company does best, in 25 words or less?

    Everyone would struggle
    Everyone in our business could clearly describe what we do
  • *

    Could you and your staff (if applicable) clearly articulate why your customers are your customers?

    Everyone would struggle
    Everyone in the business understands
  • *

    Do you know why your customers are selecting your business in preference to your competitors?

    No understanding
    You have an intimate understanding of you customers requirements
  • *

    Knowing your customers, do you accurately track how they found your business? i.e. Via the web, by referral, repeat customer etc.?

    No understanding, we don't track
    Accurate records kept
  • *

    Does your business specialise in niche markets or do you operate on the premise “everyone is a target” strategy?

    Everyone is a target
    Specialised & Niched
  • *

    Does your company encourage and have the ability to tailor your products/services, thereby continuously improving customer value?

    Off-the-shelf out-of-the-box solutions provided
    Your products & services are customisable
  • *Please rate, if you believe business differentiation is important for the long term survival of your business
    Not important
    Critically important

    To enable us to compile an accurate data set, we would appreciate if you can provide us with some details about your company.

  • What does your business sell?

  • How old is your business?

  • Annual turnover

  • Number of staff

  • About you
  • What type of supplier are you?

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