Talent Development Assessment
  • The answer to this question is often the single most significant difference between industry-leading organizations and mediocre ones. Go ahead and think of any industry-leading organization and you’ll almost always find that talent development is one of their top strategic priorities.

    The following assessment will help you discover how your organization’s talent development program stacks up against the best. It will also highlight the areas of your talent development program that need the most attention.


    After recording your name and email below, indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with how well the following 20 statements describe your organization.
    Upon completing the survey, you will immediately be provided with an assessment based on your score category. You may want to print this page for your records. Your individual score and responses will be emailed to you.

    *This assessment is based on the talent development methodology and best practices described in the book Succession Planning That Works.
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