One year of GDPR
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  • The contact information collected will not be used for any marketing communications. You can read our privacy policy here.

  • Time management

  • 1. Are you still bombarded with marketing emails like you were before May 2018?
  • 2. Do you find the option to opt out in the promotion emails you receive?
  • 3. After opting out of the promotional emails, do you still continue to receive them?
  • Safety and privacy

  • 4. Are you now confident that companies will not misuse your data to their business advantages?
  • 5. Do you now trust companies to keep your data secure using technologies like encryption?
  • 6. Do you feel more comfortable sharing your personal information when downloading and using applications now that companies are required to adhere to the GDPR?
  • 7. Have you noticed more companies trying to win your trust with transparent privacy notices?

  • 8. Are companies asking for your consent to send marketing emails by requiring you to check the opt-in box?
  • Awareness about data spread

  • 9. Do you find you have better control over your private data?
  • 10. Have you asked any companies about the details of your data they have saved?
  • 11. Do you now read agreements before signing up to understand how companies plan to use your data?

That's all, folks!