Comprehensive Plan 2020 - Public Survey

    The Town of Canandaigua has begun updating our Comprehensive Land Use Plan from 2011. A Comprehensive Plan is a document that describes the history, current state, and future vision for the community. It acts as a road map to guide future growth and development while promoting the health, safety and general welfare of the people.

    This brief survey is just one of the methods to allow residents the opportunity to provide input into the process.  The Committee would like to know what improvements the residents would like and where this improvement should occur. There are three main categories in this survey:

    1. Demographics

    2. Quality of Life

    3. Area Specific Questions

    The purpose of this survey is to solicit public input for use in updating the Comprehensive Plan. A Project Team made up of numerous Town residents and Board members is overseeing this process and hopes to submit a draft of the updated Comprehensive Plan to the Town Board early in 2020.

    If you are interested in reading the current Comprehensive Plan, you can find it online at:


    EVERY resident and/or property owner is invited to complete this survey. Each person may submit the survey once. All survey responses will be confidential. 

    Please submit your completed survey by November 15, 2019. 

    Estimated time to complete the survey: 10 minutes.

    Thank you in advance for your participation. We hope you are as excited for the future of Canandaigua as we are.

That's all, folks!