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    A General Data Request would be requesting what data Breckenridge Grand Vacations has collected for the given information.

    A Do Not Sell Request places your data on our Global Do Not Sell list which is referenced anytime there is a solicitation for data. Your data, if requested, will always be excluded during this solicitation process as well as subject to the Terms & Conditions found on your entry. 

    A Access Request would be requesting, from Breckenridge Grand Vacations' data storage, what entities have accessed your data.

    In all cases, Breckenridge Grand Vacations is committed to as transparent of a data policy as possible. In response to the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) Breckenridge Grand Vacations has chosen to apply these regulations to all US customers and users. Upon your data collection, Breckenridge Grand Vacations states clearly in the terms & conditions what entities, if any, would have access to the data collected specifically at that time. Upon the submission of this form, Breckenridge Grand Vacations will match record for record (meaning if a phone number is given at (303) 555-5555 this will be the phone Breckenridge Grand Vacations will use to match to its records) in order to fulfill your request. 

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