Homestead Bicycles Relaunch Survey V 1.0
  • When and how did you first hear about Homestead Bicycles?  

  • Did you own a Frame and Fork set or apparel?  

  • If you owned a bike what did you like most about it?
  • When you first heard about Homestead what did you hope they would produce?
  • What was your favorite Homestead Bicycles logo or t-shirt?

  • What did you like about Homestead Bicycles as a brand?
  • How likely would you be to share Homestead Bicycles and the documentary film '30 Bikes: The Story of Homestead Bicycles' to a friend/colleague?

  • How would you feel about Homestead Bicycles relaunching?

  • List 3 words you would choose to describe this brand.

  • If Homestead Bicycles relaunched today (with current frame standards and upgrades), what would you be most excited about?
  • What do you think of these new Homestead designs?

  • Since this is anonymous what would you like to say to Alden about relaunching Homestead Bicycles?

That's all, folks!