Marion County Library Community Assessment Survey
  • *Are you a Marion County Library patron?
  • *Do you live in the Marion County Library Sub-District service area? 
  • *What days do you most frequent the library?
  • *At what time of the day do you most frequent the library?
  • *If the library were to stay open to the public until 7:00pm, which day would work best for you?
  • *If the library were to be open to the public at 8:30am, which day would work best for you?
  • *

    Which services at the library are most important to you?  Please choose all that apply.    

  • *What is your favorite thing about the Marion County Library?
  • *What ideas do you have for library programs? (Infant, Elementary, Middle School, Teen, Adult, Older Adult)
  • *Is there something you think we should add to the library?
  • *We want you to help us identify the following areas, not just for the library, but for the community as you know it.  What do you think are strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, or threats for your community? 
  • *If you would like to volunteer, please check your interests below: 
  • *Do you think the community needs a new library building?
  • *Final Comments
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      First Name
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That's all, folks!