Freedom Park Customer Satisfaction Survey 2019
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    1.    Have you visited Freedom Park in the last 5 years…if yes why?

               If no why

  • Why?
  • 2. How did you know of Freedom Park?
  • 3.    What motivated you to visit the museum today? 

    See a particular exhibition. If so, which one? 

  • 4. Attend a particular program. If so, which one?
  • 5.    Will you visit Freedom Park again?

  • For those of you that indicated that you will definitely visit, please explain:

  • ·         Why will you visit?

  • ·         Will you visit more than once?  If yes, please explain why?  If no, please explain why not?

  • ·         What are you expecting to see or do and why?

  • ·         What facilities and amenities would you like and why e.g. picnic spots, conference facilities etc.

That's all, folks!