GDPR Readiness Survey by the GDPR Institut
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    In what capacity are you responding to this survey? Are you a:
  • When did you start your GDPR journey?
  • Have you done or do you intend to perform a PIA?
  • Have you done or do you intend to perform a Readiness Assessment?
  • If you are doing a readiness assessment will you:
  • How much time do you expect to spend or did you spend on your Readiness Assessment?
  • How long do you expect your overall GDPR Project to take?
  • Do you expect to be compliant by May 2018?
  • Do you expect to have a defensible position by May 2018?
  • Which areas do you believe will be your biggest challenges please tick your top 3:
  • How is this project viewed internally?
  • Privacy by Design - What is your organisation doing to make all your data secure and protected?
  • Does the business see GDPR as:
  • Does your GDPR project have a Main Board sponsor?
  • If yes, who on the Board has responsibility for this?
  • Has your business set aside a budget for GDPR compliance?
  • Has your business worked out what types of GDPR Data you hold?
  • Has your Organisation appointed a Data Privacy Officer?
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That's all, folks!

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