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    Thank you for your interest in working with a project management coach.  

    As project managers, we want to get better at our jobs – to do work that provides value, to gain influence among our peers and achieve recognition from our teams and management.  Working with a Project Management coach can be an effective approach to helping you reach your goals and improve performance.   

    Please take a few minutes to complete this survey which will help us better understand your background and your goals related to engaging in a coaching relationship.  We want to make sure the fit works both ways before we embark on what we hope will be a highly rewarding interaction.

  • *Tell us a bit about your professional and personal journey?
  • *What goals do you have with interacting with a project management coach?
  • Are there specific project management methodologies where you want coaching? (waterfall/traditional, scrum, kanban, etc)
  • Is there a specific industry you are interested in?
  • *List a few topics that you would like to cover with your coach?
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  • Please visit our coach's bio page.  Is there a coach or coaches that you feel would be a good fit for you?

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    Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  We will review and contact you to further discuss your coaching needs and next steps.


    Renee Adair
    Successful Projects

That's all, folks!

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