How to become a registered beta or advance review reader for Ingenium Books
  • Do you love reading nonfiction?

    We have two different opportunities for readers at Ingenium Books. 

    1. Beta readers

    2. Advance review copy readers

    What's the difference? 

    As a beta reader, you'll receive a manuscript that is nearing completion but isn't quite finished. We're looking for detailed feedback on the layout, logic, story flow, facts or anything that stick out for you. We'll want written feedback, either in a separate document, or marked up in track changes (if you receive the manuscript in Word or Google Docs, for example). It means reading with a super focused eye on helping us make the book better BEFORE we publish. 

    Advance review copy readers are different. Here, you get the finished book a few weeks before the rest of the world. We ask you to read the book with only your reader lenses on.... and then we ask you to write an honest review on Amazon and/or Goodreads in the first week the book is published. Easy peasy. You get free reads, we and our authors get reviews. 

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