HR Needs Assessment
  • Complete this HR Needs Assessment to determine the overall score for your current HR practices. Note that this is not a complete HR Audit but will provide you with some insight into areas for improvement for your organization. The more honest you are with your responses, the more honest the report will be. 

    A report card will be submitted for you to review once the assessment is completed. The information collected through this assessment is for internal use only and will not be disclosed. The information is protected by UpSourced HR's Privacy Policy. 

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      Last Name
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  • *How did you hear about UpSourced HR?
  • *Do you have an employee handbook or policy manual?
  • *Are policies and procedures reviewed and signed off at the time of hire?
  • *Is it compliant with current legislation and other legal requirements?
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    Do you have up to date job descriptions?

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    Do you currently use the structured or behavioural based interviewing techniques when selecting candidates?

  • *Do you currently use competencies to assess a candidates ability?
  • *Do you currently use employment contracts?
  • *Is the proper information gathered on employees at the time of hire?
  • *Are staff properly trained to do their job?
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That's all, folks!