Win a book + play golf managment system
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    Are you sure all your members are paying their subscription fees by the agreed time frame?
  • Ensuring all members are paying at the correct time and reconciling payments is very time consuming. Our system automatically collects the payment using any time frame you choose, AND we can reconcile this in Xero or QuickBooks.

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    What is your membership retention rate over the last 5 years? 

    You can calculate your retention rate here: book and play golf retention calculator

  • If you have 200 members paying $600 a year and improve your retention rate by 15% you have $18,000 more  income every year.

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    At committee meetings do you analyse your current revenue, membership retention rates and usage patterns?

  • We provide accurate monthly data that will allow you to engage with non-attending members, see your member retention rate, current churn and revenue trends.  

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    What % of your members have not played in the last 4 weeks? 

  • Members who play less than twice a month, are expected to leave within 3 years. We can provide monthly reports detailing exactly who has and has not played.

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    How would you rate your visitors booking experience – ease of booking, paying and playing?

  • 75% of the population (and this number is growing) prefer to pay online by phone or tablet. Our visitor booking webpage has no monthly charge and your cost is only 5% of the visitor fee you collect. 

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    How many hours does you club spend a week on regular administration including accounts?

  • Our system will record every membership and green fee payment and then we will export and code all transactions into either Xero accounts or QuickBooks, so they are displayed and RECONCILED exactly how you want them.

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    When was the last time you surveyed your members to consider their expectations?

  • Clubs that asked, listened and reacted to their members opinions, saw improvements in attendance and retention. We can assist your administration by sending out newsletters or surveys to your members (and provide you with the results), to help achieve maximum engagement.

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    Does your club comply with the privacy act when you collect and use your members personal data? Also, in the event of a fire or similar do you have secured off premises back up of critical membership and administration data? 
  • Our system ensures your member data is held safe and secure in the cloud and can only be accessed by authorised people.

  • What type of services or support would most help your club in the future?

    we can provide analysis and assistance in all areas of your operation
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