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    Thank you for applying for a grant from the Skills and Education Group Foundation. Our grants are designed to help individuals overcome social barriers and to enable them to advance their skills in education. We will support applications that demonstrate a commitment and willingness to achieve. The types of grants we will support include contributions to:

    • Educational resources
    • Transport costs
    • Living costs
    • Childcare
    • Educational events such as; organised visits, seminars which support learning outcomes etc.
    • Recreational activities such as; organising student union events, attending a sporting activity etc.

    Each member organisation is able to apply for up to £1000 per academic year (1 September - 31 August). A minimum of two applications must be made during the year to access the funding i.e. the £1000 cannot be used to support one individual. 

    If you need any support completing your application please email

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    Please indicate the amount of Grant funding required up to a maximum of £1000.

    The amount requested may change based upon the number of applicants from your organisation in the academic year.

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    Personal Statement:

    Please tell us why you require a grant and how the grant will be used to support your studies. Your application should demonstrate your motivation and commitment to your studies, highlighting the barriers you have overcome. Applications should meet the Foundation's criteriaStatements must be a minimum of 400 words.

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    Thank you for filling out the Skills and Education Group Foundation Grant Application.

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    I agree that my information can be shared with my college or training provider. I declare to the best of my knowledge the information I have provided is correct. I understand that I may be required to provide additional evidence to support my application.

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