Lesbian Sex Survey
  • *How do you identify?
  • *How old are you?
  • *Where do you live?
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    How would you describe your sexual orientation?

  • *How would you define your style? (maximum 2 answers)
  • *What look do you find attractive in a partner? (maximum 2 answers)
  • *Is age important to you when looking for a partner?
  • *How many partners have you had to date?
  • *What is your relationship status?
  • *Are you planning on having children or do you already have children?
  • *How would you describe your relationship? 
  • *Do you practice safe sex?
  • Win 1 of 50 RockHer's Vibrators for completing the Lesbian Sex Surey

    Value : $74.95

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    • G. Ashley the 16/04/2019  5/5
  • *Which news (paper or web) do you read on a regular basis?

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