First international survey for ski property buyers. See the results after completing survey and win an Ipad.
  • *In order of importance how would you rank holiday properties?
  • *How long have you been looking for a ski property?
  • *How much would you spend on a ski property?
  • *How many bedrooms in your ski property do you need?
  • *Is a smaller bedroom for bunk beds instead of a double bedroom acceptable in your ski property?
  • *A ski property is for?
  • *A good ski property investment is?
  • *What is your priority when looking to buy a ski property: personal use or letting your ski property for income?
  • *A ski property is for?
  • *Apart from access to skiing, what other access to activities do you want in a ski property?
  • *Where is your ideal French ski property?
  • *

    What is your ideal ski domain to buy a ski property?

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