Tay Township Community Policing Committee - 2019 Public Safety Survey
  • The Tay Township Volunteer Community Policing Committee is composed of volunteers from across Tay Township and is supported by two members of Council and two members of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police.

    Information collected in this survey may be used by the volunteer committee to make recommendations and give advice to other community members, the OPP and Tay Township Council.

  • If any, what are your top three public safety concerns?

  • Public Safety Concern #1:
  • Public Safety Concern #2:
  • Public Safety Concern #3:
  • Which types of public safety information sessions would you
  • Please rank the days and times most convenient for you to attend information sessions about public safety in Tay Township with "1" being the best time.

That's all, folks!