Survey for Publishers and Libraries
  • How would you characterize your company?
  • *What is the most challenging administrative aspect of your music business?
  • *How large is your music catalog?
  • *Rank the following choices from most important to least: "I would love if I had an automated or easy way to..."
  • When planning new releases, do you invite demo submissions from your artist network?
  • *How much time and effort do you spend actively pitching and promoting your music?
  • *Which of the following do you use to promote your catalog to music consumers (supervisors, editors, ad agencies, etc.)? Select all that apply.
  • *Which of the following do you use to distribute your catalog to partners / sub-publishers? Select all that apply.
  • What tool do you use to build and manage your industry relationships?
  • To be entered into the draw to win a FREE Magnetracks lifetime subscription, please provide your email address.

That's all, folks!