Risk Evaluation Survey
  • Bellwether Capital Management Risk Profile Questionnaire

    How you allocate your money among stocks, bonds, and short-term reserves may be the most important factor in determining the long-term return and volatility of your portfolio.By competing the following questionnaire, we will be able to assess your tolerance for risk. To use Bellwether Capital's Risk Profile Questionnaire, you should read the assumptions and limitations, and accept our Terms and Conditions of use in addition to our Privacy Policy. This Questionnaire is provided to you free of charge. It does not provide comprehensive investment or financial advice. Bellwether Capital is not responsible for reviewing your financial situation or updating the suggestions contained herein. Please answer all questions. Results will be immediately be made available at end of questionnaire.
  • *When it comes to investing in stocks, bond or mutual funds, would you describe yourself as;
  • *When do you plan to begin taking money from your investments?
  • *As you withdraw money from these investments, over what period do you intend to spend it?

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