Survey for Artists and Composers
  • *As an aspiring artist/composer/musician, what is the most challenging administrative aspect of your music career?
  • *How large is your catalog of release-ready music?
  • *How important is it to you that your entire music catalog is accessible to you in the cloud?
  • *Rank the following choices from most important to least: "I would love if I had an automated or easy way to..."
  • *How much time and effort do you spend actively pitching and promoting your music?
  • *Which of the following do you use to promote yourself and/or your music to fans? Select all that apply.
  • *Are you mainly a solo artist, or do you have collaborators / band members?
  • *Which of these services do you regularly use to pitch to music professionals?
  • What is the primary use of the music you create?
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That's all, folks!