BWC Footage Survey
  • Survey Purpose: The purpose of this survey is to examine the experience of community members who have submitted public records requests for body worn camera footage captured by Baton Rouge Police Department officers since August 23, 2017. 

    Procedures: If you choose to participate, you will complete a short survey with questions about the public records request process and your experience with obtained footage.

    Eligibility: Anyone over the age of 18 who has submitted a public records request with the City of Baton Rouge for BWC footage.

    ConfidentialityYou will not be required to provide your name. However, on the second page of the survey you will be asked for the police report number of the related incident. This question is not mandatory. If you choose to provide a police report number, your responses may be connected to the police report, which is likely to reveal your identity to the evaluator if you also indicate that you were personally involved in the incident. The reason for linking your responses to the police report is to allow for a deeper examination of the body camera program. For example, we would be able to explore similarities and differences between 1) your responses, 2) the police report, and 3) the body camera footage. 

    The BRPD Body Worn Camera program is being independently evaluated by Envisage Research and Analytics. Completion of this survey is not contingent on the release of requested public records. Participation in the survey is completely voluntary, and should not be interpreted as a BRPD inquiry in violation of LRS 44:32.

    No identifying information will be published in any report or evaluation using these data. In addition, no identifying information will be provided to any member of the City of Baton Rouge government or the Baton Rouge Police Department. There may be circumstances when these data will be required to be released by law; however, survey data will only be released in aggregate form. 

    Data Security: The security of your responses if of the utmost importance. All responses collected online will be stored on an encrypted cloud database. Once downloaded, all sensitive data will be stored on encrypted hard drives in a locked office secured by a monitored security system. Only approved personnel will have access to these data.

    Benefits: Your responses will provide valuable insight into various areas of the body camera program, such as the public records request process in Baton Rouge and how body camera footage is used by community members. Analysis of these data will be used to provide recommendations for future changes to the body camera program.  

    Contact: If you have any questions prior to taking the survey please contact the project evaluator, Dr. Steven Maberry, at

    If you wish to participate in this survey please click the “next” button and proceed to the survey. 

    Estimated completion time: 15-20 minutes

That's all, folks!

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