Considering a Move to France Questionnaire (L)
  • Are you thinking about moving to France?

    You may be considering a move to France but have more questions than answers at this point. Renestance has created this questionnaire to help clarify where you are in the decision-making process and guide you in the right direction. It will also highlight where you could benefit from additional information or assistance. Please contact Renestance if any part of this questionnaire is unclear and/or you have feedback to share with us.
  • Project Information

  • *
    What is the context of this possible move to France?
  • What does your move to France depend on?
  • *
    Which length of stay are you considering?
  • Do you intend to own your home in France?
  • *
    Who would be moving?
    Check all that apply
  • *
    When would you envision making the move?
  • Are you considering moving somewhere else?
  • *
    What motivates you the most to move to France? (click on the relevant number of stars)
    One answer per line - 5 stars means biggest motivator, mark X if not a motivating factor
    Other (please specify):
  • Level of readiness

  • Do you know anyone living in France today?
    Check all that apply
  • Would you want to live near (any of) them?
  • Where in France do they live (city or department)?
  • *
    Do you already know which region of France you would live in?
  • Do you already know which city/town you would live in or near?
  • Which regions are of interest to you? (Please rank your top choices)
    Other (Please Specify)
  • In general, how important is it to have the support of your intimate circle (family and close friends)?
    Your closest family, friends, colleagues
  • How supportive of this move is your intimate circle?
    Your closest family, friends and colleagues
  • Do you plan to keep your current home?
  • Level of spoken French
  • What is your planned professional status in France?
  • What is your spouse's planned professional status in France?
  • What is your current health situation?
  • Basic Information

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      Current City
    • *
    • State/Province
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  • *
  • Marital Status
  • Current professional status
  • Current or most recent profession
    Job title
  • *
    Are you a citizen of the European Union?
  • Is your spouse a citizen of the European Union?
  • Spouse's current professional status
  • Spouse's current or most recent profession
    Job title
  • Viewpoint

  • *
    Have you ever lived abroad (outside your current country)?
    For at least one month
  • I have lived in:
    Check all that apply
  • How many languages do you speak fluently?
  • In the past 10 years, on average, how often have you traveled:
  • How do you feel about dealing with different currencies and measurement systems?
  • How do you feel about unfamiliar customs?
    e.g. different eating habits, greetings, celebrations
  • What do you dream of seeing outside your window?
  • What kind of climate do you like to live in?
  • What would be your preferred way to get around once in France?
  • What is the most important for your living space?
    in France
    Other (please specify):
  • How would you most likely handle something unexpected (like losing your wallet while traveling)?
    There is no right answer!
  • *
    What are your concerns moving to France?
  • When you're facing an important decision, what's your preferred approach?
    There is no right answer! :-)
  • Interests

  • How would you describe yourself?
    Check all that apply
  • Which activities do you enjoy on a regular basis?
    Check all that apply
  • Do you plan to study French in France?
  • If you plan to take French lessons in France, which format appeals the most to you?
  • Next Steps

  • *
    What would you say is the next step in your potential project of moving to France?
  • Where have you found helpful information so far? (if you remember the names, please specify in comments below)
  • What information do you still need?
  • What would help you move this project forward?
  • Are you considering a reconnaissance type of trip before the actual move?
  • Is there anything else you'd like to say about this project?
  • *
    Would you like someone from Renestance to contact you about your project?
  • What is your preferred method of contact?
    If you answer something other than "Email," we will send you an email to get your contact details and preferred day/time.
  • Which time zone are you in?
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    How did you find out about Renestance?
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      Last Name
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    What is your email address?
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That's all, folks!

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