2019 Research Project Proposal
  • The CIA is seeking new research ideas. The focus areas for the coming year include aging and retirement, Canadian healthcare, property and casualty insurance, and emerging practices. We will also accept ideas on topics outside of these areas.   

    The Research Council evaluates research proposals twice a year based on the following parameters, as indicated in appendix B of the Policy on Due Process for the Selection of Research Projects and Research Providers, and on the Approval of Research Reports:

    ·       Impact;

    ·       Cost-benefit;

    ·       Originality;

    ·       Quality; and

    ·       Achievability.

    If you have any questions or need assistance to fill out the form, please contact Shlomit Jacobson, manager, research, at 613-236-8196 ext. 157.

    The deadline to submit your research proposal is February 1, 2019.

  • Project details

    Please tell us about your research proposal by answering the following questions.

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  • *Email:
  • *Project name:
  • *Description:
  • *Purpose:
  • *Who developed the idea for this project?
  • Which key stakeholders have you consulted regarding this project, if any?
  • Who are the proposed members of the research team?

That's all, folks!