Sanford Elementary Parent Survey 2018
  • *

    How many of your children attend Sanford Elementary?

  • *

    What grade(s) are your children in?

  • *Was your child at this school last school year?
  • *Please describe your relationship to this child (or children)
  • *Is your family of Hispanic or Latino origin?
  • *How would you describe your family's primary race (check boxes) Choose all that apply:
    If you said 'yes' to being of Hispanic or Latino origin above, please also choose your identified race.
  • *Is your child an English Language Learner, ELL?
  • *Is English the primary language spoken in your home?
  • *Are you or your child's other parent in the military?
  • *Do you consider yourself a single parent?
  • *Does your child have access at home to an internet-linked computer for schoolwork?
  • *Is your child on a 504 plan or an IEP with Special Education?
  • Did your child attend daycare or preschool?
  • *Does your child receive Free or Reduced Lunch?
  • *A first generation college student is defined as a student with neither parent having completed a four year college degree. If your child (children) chose to go to college, would your child (children) be first generation college students?
  • *Overall, I have
    Very negative feelings about this school
    Very positive feelings about this school
  • *Does your child's school have a school counselor(s)?
  • What is his or her name?
  • *How comfortable do you feel contacting the school counselor?
  • Since your child has been at this school, have you ever initiated contact- called, emailed or met- with your child's school counselor?
  • Have you been to the school for (check all that apply)
  • *The communication from your child's school is
    Very good
  • Please check the methods of communication that you find most useful
  • *How safe does your child's school feel?
  • Describe why you feel that way about safety at your school

  • For parents of kindergarteners:
    Do you feel your child was ready for kindergarten?
  • *How much does your child struggle with the following beyond what is age appropriate:
    Not at all
    A lot
  • *Does your child have a hard time with:
    Check all that are true
  • *

    How true do the following statements feel?

    Not true at all
    Very true
  • *When your child gets upset or stressed,
  • *My child has be having behavioral problems at school
  • *I feel a sense of belonging at this school
    Not at all
    Very much
  • *While at this school, has your child ever:
    Check ALL that are true
  • What are the biggest emotional problems that your kids face at their school?
  • *Has your child not come to school because of:
    Check ALL that are true
  • Please list emotional issues that you would like your child's counselor to talk about more
  • *Has your child ever attended a small group run by their counselor?
  • *Looking ahead, do you have any concerns that your child will not complete high school?
  • If yes, please describe why
  • *With regard to your child's grades, I feel my child is
  • *Does you child do their homework?
  • I feel that the teachers and staff at my child's school:
    Don't care about my child and his/her success
    Really there to help my child succeed
  • *My child's teachers are friendly and approachable
    Not at all
    A lot
  • *Do you feel your child has ever been discriminated against, for any reason, while attending this school
  • Please describe what type of discrimination and by whom
  • *

    I have been encouraged to be part of/ become engaged with my child's school

    Not at all
    A lot
  • How important to you is it that the school talks about:

    Not important at all
    Very important
  • *Does your child know what he/she wants to do when they finish high school?
  • How can your child's school counselor help him/her be more successful?
  • Is there anything else about counseling or your child's counselor that you would like to tell us?

That's all, folks!