• Entrepreneurs, Start-ups and SME (ESS) are the "engines of economic growth". They contribute positively to a market's economic growth and social development.These contributions are comprised of solutions, market innovation and job creation.

    The existence of intellectual and human capital-specific assets coupled with small levels of traditional tangible assets are vital ingredients GFY seeks to identify and nurture in order to align smart capital and sustainable growth for its ESS target group.

    The following is a multi-dimensional battery designed to carefully examine and baseline pre and post GFY funding programs and inoculation. Its focal point is derived from four dimensions;

    I. Risk Mitigation - Planning, measuring and controlling forecasts
    II. Operational Coherence - Maximizing output with minimum inputs
    III. Longitudinal Sustainability - Maintaining point of equilibrium under present and future conditions
    IV. Intrinsic Value - Ensuring qualitative and quantitative attributes converge intrinsically to exceed extrinsic market values

That's all, folks!