Active Directory Quiz - III
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  • If we are nesting a group, what group can contain all three group types?
  • What three unique accounts would have rights to a file folder on a Windows 2008 server?
  • __________ and __________ commands are used to restart a Windows 2008 service.
  • What protocols do we use with IIS?
  • How would you reduce replication traffic?
  • What group can execute all administrative tasks throughout a forest?
  • What is the default group scope and group type for a new group in Active Directory?
  • Which is the minimum forest functional level to use the Active Directory Recycle

  • Which mode do you need to use when you perform an authoritative restore?
  • Which service should you use so the computers on your network can resolve NETBIOS names without any administrative work?
  • Which Windows PowerShell applet enables the Active Directory Recycle Bin?
  • About how many settings are in a single Group Policy Object

That's all, folks!

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