Bird & Hemp Health Survey
  • Gathering information!

    We are looking for bird owner's - who are interested in trying hemp products as a natural alternative for their feathered friends - to share with us the difficulty history with their bird's health. In approximately 30 days, we will ask you to take a new survey and provide updated information so we can track how hemp has helped your bird!

  • First, a few details...

    1. Remember the purpose - birds, hemp, and health!

    2. This survey is for birds with health issues and owners who are looking to try hemp as an alternative in the near future, or are already using hemp as an alternative.

    3. This survey is meant to provide a pool of data for other bird owners - complete what you want to complete, go at your own speed, be genuine - so we can share accurate, identifiable results.

    4. Things can be improved! We take your additions, subtractions, and suggestions very seriously. Please do not hesitate to let us know if something is missing, or incorrect!

    5. When you come back to update your records in roughly 30 days, the rating scale that recorded your prior “observational concern(s)” will be used to update your current observational concern(s).

    6. One email account can have multi-bird accounts.

    7. Gathering your information is part 1 of the survey - part 2 is the public reporting (by us) of the group’s observations and for your searching of others’ observations (development in progress).

    8. Page 6 of the survey is the bulk of the survey (symptoms) and can take a moment to load (15 sec).

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That's all, folks!

* End page and disqualification logic can only be seen in the live survey