Gamers - 1:1 Interview Signup (PDX)
  • We’re currently conducting a paid research study, and are looking for participants who’re gamers. We have a large number of sessions available, including evenings and weekends, and are looking for a wide range of experience with gaming (including those who only play infrequently).  

    Dates: July 8th through Aug 5th 2019

    Duration: 1:1 interview, approx. 75 - 90 minutes

    Location: UX research facility in Portland, OR 

    Compensation: $150 (choice of cash, PayPal or Amazon gift certificate, paid immediately after the session), plus $5 towards parking/public transit

    If you are selected, we will contact you to set up a session that works given your schedule.

    You must be at least 18 years old to complete this questionnaire, and will be asked to sign our standard research release form at the beginning of the session.

    Feel free to share this signup questionnaire with any gamer friends in the Portland area who may be interested in participating.

  • We only use your contact information as part of scheduling and confirming studies. It is never shared with third parties.

    Please note that while including a phone number is optional, doing so will increase your chances of being selected, since scheduling for last-minute events or to fill cancellations tends to be done via phone rather than email. 

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