Business Checkup Survey
  • 1. We have a clear mission in writing that is understood by our workforce, partners and key stakeholders. 
  • 2. Our core values are clear, and we are managing our workforce's behaviors to these expectations. 
  • 3. Our core business is clear. Our business systems and processes support our core strategy and goals, yielding performance results. 
  • 4. Our long-term vision is clear and has been communicated to our workforce, partners and key stakeholders. We are on plan to achieve it. 
  • 5. Our target market is clear. Our sales and marketing efforts are focused upon deepening our customer base and loyalty.
  • 6. What makes our business unique and different is clear. Our sales and marketing team communicates this effectively to customers. 
  • 7. Our customers understand what they will receive through our products and services, and the value realized. Our brand reputation is strong. 
  • 8. Our leaders and workforce members are in the right seats for their talents and abilities. 
  • 9. We are taking steps now to ensure that we have the right talent for the future, in the right seats. 
  • 10. Our leadership team is open, honest, and trusted by the workforce, partners and key stakeholders. 
  • 11. Everyone in our organization knows what their role is to the company's success, and has clear measures of performance. 
  • 12. Leadership communicates at least weekly on items of importance; routine communications are cascaded timely and effectively.  
  • 13. When meetings occur, there is a clear purpose, agenda, information-sharing, and the right people around the table. 
  • 14. When decisions are made, actions follow in a timely manner with clear accountabilities by role. 
  • 15. When we identify an area that we need to improve, we establish a plan, resources, timeline, and an expected result. 
  • 16. When we identify an area for improvement, we manage the process and communication until expected results are achieved. 
  • 17. We develop standard procedures for routine work processes or to adopt best practices, to improve the quality or efficiency of our work. 
  • 18. We have a process for gathering and analyzing customer and workforce feedback. We know the areas that we can improve.  
  • 19. We measure important performance results, and have a mechanism to check on our performance at least monthly. 
  • 20. Key business results are evaluated weekly. If results are not at goal, actions are taken promptly by those who are accountable. 
  • *21. Based on this business checkup evaluation, the area that our business needs to improve first is: 
  • 22. Are you the decision maker to move forward with this priority need?
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That's all, folks!