• - Employee has worked 37.5 hours.

    - Employee is aged 25 or over and is eligible for National Living Wage (£8.21).

    - Employee is on the standard 2019-20 tax code of 1250L.

    - ADVANCE has retained a standard margin.

    - Tax and National Insurance (NI) allowances have been calculated on a weekly basis.

    - Employee is assumed to be on a 'Week1/Month1' tax code, whereby the employee's year-to-date tax figures are not taken into consideration when calculating tax.

    - Employee has claimed for 170 miles, reimbursed at 45p per mile (this figure is based on the average mileage processed for employees claiming mileage from ADVANCE during October & November 2016 - rounded up)

    - The only exceptions are the £13 & £14 hourly rate illustrations. In the £13 rate scenario, the employee has claimed for 71 miles. In the £14 rate scenario, the employee has claimed for 155 miles.

    - Employee has claimed for five days of subsistence allowance at £10 per day, based upon the prevailing HMRC benchmark scale rates as of April 2019:

    - Holiday pay for the employee has been calculated as 12.07% of the employee's gross pay and has been paid and processed to the employee as part of their weekly payment.

    - The employee has remained opted-in to ADVANCE's pension scheme, with employer contributions calculated at 3% and employee contributions calculated at 5% of the employee's gross pay.

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