Risk Tolerance
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    1. How concerned are you about inflation?

    Inflation is the risk that your money will buy fewer goods and services in the future because of rising prices. 

    Growth investments, such as stocks, have the potential to outpace inflation, but also generally have larger swings in value. Cash and fixed-income investments, such as bonds, may be more stable over time, but also may not keep up with inflation. Based on this information, which statement below do you most agree with: 

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    2. Which statement best describes your personal investment philosophy?

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    3. How comfortable are you with potential fluctuations in your profile?

    The table below shows the potential high and low values in a given year for three different portfolios, each based on an initial value of $100,000.

    Which portfolio would you prefer?

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    4. Which statement best describes how you feel about the trade-off between potential returns and declines?

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    5. There have been several periods in history in which the value of the market has dropped 25% or more in a year. If the value of your portfolio fell from $200,000 to $150,000 (25%) in one year, how would you react?

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    6. There is a trade-off between larger potential short-term fluctuations and a portfolio's long-term growth potential, as shown in the table below. Which portfolio would you be most comfortable with?

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