SRX610 Assessment
  • What are Ideas? And where do they stem from? Are they implicit or explicit? What if we told you definition and origin do not influence your ability to complete a task or goal?

    Entrepreneurs are the “engines of economic growth”. They contribute positively to a country’s economic growth and social development. These contributions are solutions, innovation and job creation.

    SRX610 focuses on understanding the form and function of how we think and what process within thought enables the least amounts of steps to achieve a milestone or maximize throughput.

    The following is a multi-dimensional battery designed to carefully examine and baseline pre and post SRX610 program inoculation. Its focal point is derived from four dimensions;

    I. Style of thinking – How do you think
    II. Critical thinking – How do you solve problems
    III. Personality – How do you build community
    IV. Entrepreneurial Intent – How do you build a case model

That's all, folks!

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