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  • *If successful, will you be able to get to Nelson, and arrange your own accommodation, to attend the conference on 9-11 October 2019?
  • *Looking at the ITx Rutherford 2019 programme, which session(s) do you think would help you gain a greater insight into working in the tech profession?
  • *In brief, how will attending the ITx Rutherford conference help with your study and future career prospects within the industry?
  • If you are successful, are there 1-2 others who have also applied for this fund who you would like to attend with? If so, please enter their names here. (NOTE: This cannot be guaranteed)
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    The following information will be used (1) so we understand the demographics of those applying for this fund, and (2) to ensure a reasonable level of diversity of those granted funding.

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    Note that the following information is just for conference purposes - it will not be used for selection purposes.

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