Airline Pilot Training Survey
  • Introduction

    Thank you for taking the time to participate in this survey. The survey aims to determine the effect that training could have in mitigating operational risk. The survey is completely voluntary, and your responses will remain anonymous.

    Please answer the following questions according to your opinions that have been formed by your personal flight experience. The objective is to evaluate the need for training by assessing operational risk and how that risk is affected by training. To do this, the survey contains a series of threat and error statements. Each statement has the same three questions:
    - the likelihood of the occurrence
    - the severity of the situation; and
    - to what extent training mitigates the associated risk

    The survey should take about 20 minutes. The data will be used as an input to improve future pilot training programs, and to ensure that training effectively addresses operational risk.

    This survey is being conducted by the EBT Foundation, a not-for-profit company comprising a group of experts in the fields of airline training, flight operations and data collection and analysis. The Foundation works closely with airlines, manufacturers, training providers and regulators to help improve pilot training systems worldwide.

    Thank you for your participation in this survey. If you would like feedback about the results of this research, or more information about the EBT Foundation, please contact:

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That's all, folks!

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