GDPR Scorecard
  • It is a year since GDPR was introduced. Even though the GDPR deadline date has passed, it's not too late for your organisation to become compliant. Take the test to find out how GDPR ready your company is.
  • *Do you have the ability to conduct e-Discovery of FOI (freedom of information) searches across your email and file data?
  • *Do you have the ability to narrow the scope of your search across email & file data using clearly defined criteria and can you complete this in a 30-day time frame?
  • *Where you transfer data to Cloud storage, is the method secure in transfer and in storage?
  • *Can you delete, export, review, apply retention policies, or apply the legal hold to your email data?
  • *Subject access requests- do you know what to do if an individual asks for copies of their personal data? How quickly can you find it all?

That's all, folks!