Steamboat Middle School Parent Survey 2018
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    Thank you for taking the time to answer the questions in this survey. Your opinions and thoughts matter!

    This survey reviews your experiences and thoughts about SSMS. Your feedback is crucial to help us understand the needs of our student body, and to identify appropriate support programs for our school.

    Know that this survey is anonymous meaning we do not ask your name and we cannot figure out who responded, so please be as open and honest as possible.
    The information we collect will help us provide you with improved counseling program and services.
    Thank you!

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    How many of your children attend Steamboat Middle School?

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    What grade(s) are your children in?

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    Is this your first year in the Steamboat Springs School District?

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    What is your relationship to this child (or children)

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    How would you describe your family's primary race (check boxes) Choose all that apply:
    If you said 'yes' to being of Hispanic or Latino origin above, please also choose your identified race.

  • *Does your child feel welcome at SSMS
  • If some of the time, rarely or never.

    Please tell us more why your child feels that way

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    One or more of my children have struggled with:

    Additional Comment
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    Since your child has been at this school, have you ever initiated contact- called, emailed or met- with someone in student support services (counselor, school psychologist, social worker, G/T coordinator, ELL case manager, 504 coordinator, Special education department, etc.)

  • Are there any student support services that are not being offered that you feel would benefit your students?
  • Please describe those services
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    Have you been to the school for (check all that apply)

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    Check all the methods of communication that you find most useful

  • *How safe does your child's school feel?
  • Explain why you feel this way about safety at SSMS

  • What topics are you most interested in for your middle school student?
  • *Looking ahead, do you have any concerns that your child will not complete high school?
  • If yes, please describe why
  • As a parent, what would be most beneficial to support transitions (elementary to middle and/or middle to high)?
    Check all that apply
  • *What post high school opportunities or experiences best fit your child's interest or abilities?
    Check all that apply
  • Thank you for your time and input

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