Vision Project - Discipleship Survey Final (1)
  • Introduction

    Reasons for this Survey

    One of the Strategies Erin has adopted to help us realize our Vision is to grow all members and friends into mature disciples.  For Session and our Ministry Teams to know how to best assist members in their journey toward spiritual maturity and to know if we are progressing toward our goal, we need a baseline.    


    Anonymous Survey

    This survey is completely anonymous.  We are not asking for your name or tracking your internet identity, so that you will feel comfortable being totally honest.  We need your candid responses, whether you recently started your discipleship journey or have been on it for several years.  

    We are asking two demographic questions to help us better understand gender and generational differences, which will enable us to more effectively plan growth strategies. 


    Survey Dimensions

    This survey has two sections: Mature Discipleship Characteristics and Spiritual Growth Practices.  The characteristics that define mature discipleship and the actions that help us grow as disciples used in this survey were established by Session during the Strategy Development process. They are based on gospels and other New Testament teachings and are consistent with those used by other Christian groups.

    Mature Discipleship Characteristics

    •       Accepting God’s salvation 
    •       Putting Jesus first in all things 
    •       Engaging in spiritual growth 
    •       Following Jesus’ teachings 
    •       Engaging with a body of believers (the church) 
    •       Producing fruit through the Spirit 
    •       Loving others, both believers and non-believers 
    •       Making new disciples 

    Spiritual Growth Practice

    •       Praying
    •       Confessing
    •       Worshiping
    •       Studying
    •       Spending time with other believers
    •       Serving 

    We Need Your Help!

    The information we will glean from this survey is critically important to The Vision Project and to our ministry and support teams' knowing what plans to make and actions to take to grow mature disciples at Erin.  Without real data, our teams will just be guessing about what actions to take and how to best facilitate spiritual growth for all of us.

    We are asking you to respond to this survey so that our teams can make informed choices about where to put their time and energy.  


    Survey Length

    This survey is multiple choice statements and will take you approximately 20 - 30 minutes to take. Though the survey may seem a bit long, we are certain that each of you will make the time to respond, that you will be candid in your responses and provide Session and our ministry teams with the data they need to make good decisions and plans to help all of us grow into mature disciples. 


    Survey Map

    The survey is divided into three major sections with information needed under each.

    I.      My Demographic Information

    A.     Gender

    B.     Age Bracket

    II.     My Current Discipleship Profile

    A.     Ten Descriptive Statements

    III.   My Current Spiritual Growth Practices 

    A.     My Prayer Life

    B.     My Confessional Life

    C.     My Worship Life

    D.     My Study Life

    E.     My Christian Community Life

    F.      My Service Life

That's all, folks!

* End page and disqualification logic can only be seen in the live survey