2017-2018 Recreational Season
  • Enjoyment of class
  • Skills learned during class
  • Life Lessons learned during class
  • Communication with parents
  • Practice Attire
  • Coach Amber
  • Coach Amanda
  • Coach Lindsey
  • Coach Maddie
  • Ninja Nick
  • Coach Vikki
  • Coach Jade
  • Ms. Shanna
  • Monthly tuition pricing
  • Monthly tuition auto drafts
  • Gym cleanliness
  • *Which type of class/program are you most interested in for your child?
  • *How many hours per week would you like your child to practice during the summer?
  • *If your child will not attend classes at Cajun Pride during the summer can you share with us the main reason?
  • *Are there any classes we don't offer that you would like to see at the gym?
  • *Please list any comments, suggestions or compliments here.

That's all, folks!