A Collaborative Coaching Community
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    Join us if you are a career, leadership or executive coach interested in:

    • Collaborating with peer coaches to create new and innovative offerings
    • Supplementing your personal business development efforts with qualified leads
    • Monthly learning opportunities for your ongoing professional development
    • Access to our proven proprietary Career Coaching Methodology and tools
    • Potential opportunities to speak, facilitate workshops and coach within organizations
    • Access to tools and support to help you build a sustainable coaching practice
    • Being included in the C4G marketing efforts as well as having a blogging platform to showcase yourself
    • Use of the Coaching 4 Good’s Coaches’ Portal to streamline your client administration
    • Access to fully furnished office space for local Austin Coaches

    Membership is currently open to the following professionals:

    1. Coaches with a bachelor’s degree and 2) completed (or actively enrolled in) a coaching certification approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) OR Master’s Degree in related field, or equivalent coaching experience.
    2. Licensed Professional Counselors with relevant experience.

    Within these professions you must be:

    • Governed by a professional body with a disciplinary board and code of ethics.
    • In good standing with your professional organization.
    • Carry professional liability insurance, indemnity insurance, or errors & omissions (E&O) insurances
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