Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment
  • Welcome to the Digital Marketing Self Assessment

    Answer these questions to find out where your credit union stands in term of Digital Marketing Maturity.


    Digital marketing is becoming increasingly important as a vehicle for reaching and influencing your current and prospective members. Effective digital marketing implementation requires a good understanding of where your credit union stands today.

    This self-assessment will take only a few minutes to complete and will help you discover areas to focus on in meeting your credit union’s goals. We’ll send you a report with your results and our recommendations to help you move forward with your digital marketing plans.

    The assessment comprises 17 questions covering five key components of digital marketing:

    Strategy – The degree to which there are defined and measurable goals for digital marketing

    Team – How resources are allocated to digital marketing efforts within the marketing team

    Process – How digital content is created, distributed and targeted

    Technology – How digital marketing technology is deployed and data is used

    Outcomes -- What impact digital marketing has on customers and the organization’s brand

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  • * What are your institution's most important digital marketing priorities for the next 12 to 24 months? (select up to three)
  • * Does the organization have a specific, defined strategy for digital marketing?
  • How are digital activities measured and reported upon?

  • How much of a barrier or impediment are the following challenges in driving and executing on your digital marketing strategy?
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