Greenwich End of Programme Parent Evaluation Form 2019
  • 2019 Parent Evaluation Form (Greenwich Summer Youth Programme)

    Thank you for taking allowing your young person to take part in The Greenwich Summer Youth Programme 2019.

    In order to improve our services it is essential for us to get your feedback.  Please can you answer the questions below. Leaving any additional comments at the end of the survey. 

    Thank you

    Elaine Thomas

    Greenwich Programmes Manager 

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    1. Please list the activities / courses your child or children attended
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    2. How did you find out about Futureversity activities / courses?
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  • 3. As a parent / carer what 3 best things stood out about the activities?
  • 4. The activity/course would be better if....
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    Would like to be a case study and take part in an interview via telephone to help improve our programmes?
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  • Do you have any other comments or suggestions you would like to share with Futureversity or Greenwich Council? If so please leave them below.
  • Thank You!

    Thank for the time it has taken you to fill in this form, it really helps us to do our job properly.

    We hope you enjoyed your time with us and we hope to see you next year.

That's all, folks!

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