OBRA Change Ideas - Member Feedback
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  • Drag every 5 horses. ie. If draw 5 is a scratch draw 6 will run then drag
  • Create sub regions or districts (ie. North and East) to expand into these area
  • Change Futurity to a 1D
  • Make rookie Barrels a 2D (no matter how many horses) and have year end awards for 2D
  • Move to a 5D for shows over 100 horses
  • Start collecting fee ($3-$5) to pay ground crew. It is so challenging to get volunteers
  • Change 3D youth to a 1 and 1 second split (instead of ½ and 1/2 second)
  • Change one of the opens to a Pro and non pro divisions or A and B
  • Only point one 4D per day to reduce the number of runs horses have to make

  • Change senior to based on birth date rather than Jan 1
  • No carry over options
  • Run poles at the end
  • 3&4 year old exhibitions forward motion only and no circling barrels

That's all, folks!