USMA 1972 50th Reunion Gift Survey

    Our Class President, John Northrop, has tasked the Gift Selection Committee with developing a process to assess Class desires regarding the allocation of our 50th Reunion Gift.  Our target is $3M, which when added to the previous $2M provided for the Visitor Center, will make the total recognized 50th Reunion Class  gift a generous $5M.

    Before we get to the selection of specific gift(s), the Committee has developed a screening survey that will focus our next efforts on those areas aligned with Class preferences.  Your timely completion of this brief survey will allow us to narrow the gift possibilities.  There will be a second, follow-on survey to capture Class desires as to specific gifts.  All activities are scheduled to be completed so as to provide a final recommendation to John by 01 November 2019.

    This survey will remain open until 20 September 2019.  Thanks in advance for your timely response.

    For your information, a listing of our previous gifts to the Academy can be seen here.

    50th Reunion Gift Selection Committee

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      Last Name
  • *Cadet Company (e.g., A-1, E-3)
  • *Given a choice, would you prefer that the Class Gift be allocated to a single project, or multiple projects?
  • *Please indicate your preference as to the type of gift(s)(one choice, only).
  • *Indicate your preference as to which program to support (one choice, only).
  • *Is it important to you that the gifts(s) be "named" for the Class e.g., the Class of 1972 Endowment for the Humanities; the Class of 1972 Cyber Complex?
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    Is it important to you that our gift(s) align with the Superintendent's priorities (see Supe's current Top 10 here)??

  • Please provide any comments you may have on the gift selection process.  Also if you have a specific recommendation/preference regarding the class gift, please feel free to enter it here.

That's all, folks!